COVID-19″Circuit breaker” updates

Hi everyone! It’s me Manis, VFL’s clinic cat and resident cutie! I’m here to give a gentle reminder that vet visits are ONLY for emergencies and essentials!

✅ We seek your cooperation to help us comply with the latest Covid-19 “circuit breaker” measures. All non-emergent and routine procedures such as (but not limited to) annual adult vaccinations, general health checks of healthy animals, uncomplicated skin assessments, routine sterilisations, dental checks, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and nail trimming, will be postponed till after May 4.

❓If you are unsure what your concern classifies as, please call the clinic and we can assist you further.

☎️ Teleconsulting is encouraged. For non-emergent issues, please call the clinic to arrange an appointment to speak to the vet over the phone. You may be required to send photos of your pet’s presenting problem via WhatsApp or e-mail for clarification. For these teleconsults, medication may be dispensed (in these instances, a nominal consult fee will apply).

👫🏻 Meanwhile, please remember to practise SAFE DISTANCING in our clinics and the vicinity by standing at least 1m apart from other clients.
📝 For more details, please refer to our previous “circuit breaker” posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation! We will be updating this space, so please follow our social media accounts.

💪🏻 Stay safe, we will get through this!

With love,
VFL family